Monday, March 30, 2009

Smackin' Isaiah "Gets Eaten Alive!"

This is the little known tape from a band that hails from my hometown of New Bedford, MA! This is a and that has gone on to tour the world over and over again, but, A Wilhelm Scream used to play under the name Smackin' Isaiah. Many people have referenced Strung Out, Hot Water Music, and Propagandhi to their style back when they played under this name. This was only released on cassette and I was lucky enough to get a copy for myself. I ripped it onto my computer through a mixer and my friend Trev mixed it for me. Still sounds like the tape, just with the convenience of having it on your computer/iPod. Enjoy!

Smackin' Isaiah (A.K.A. "A Wilhelm Scream") - Gets Eaten Alive!
(1998) [Numbskull Productions]
(artwork squared in order to look good in iTunes)
1) Screw Bruce Springsteen (I'm Your Man)
2) Give It Up
3) Ugly Friend/Tijuana Crack Whore
4) Swingin' On A Vine
5) Undercover
6) Entropy
7) First Mate
8) Aisha
9) When It Comes To Fuckin'
* - (secret track)

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