Monday, March 30, 2009

Smackin' Isaiah "Gets Eaten Alive!"

This is the little known tape from a band that hails from my hometown of New Bedford, MA! This is a and that has gone on to tour the world over and over again, but, A Wilhelm Scream used to play under the name Smackin' Isaiah. Many people have referenced Strung Out, Hot Water Music, and Propagandhi to their style back when they played under this name. This was only released on cassette and I was lucky enough to get a copy for myself. I ripped it onto my computer through a mixer and my friend Trev mixed it for me. Still sounds like the tape, just with the convenience of having it on your computer/iPod. Enjoy!

Smackin' Isaiah (A.K.A. "A Wilhelm Scream") - Gets Eaten Alive!
(1998) [Numbskull Productions]
(artwork squared in order to look good in iTunes)
1) Screw Bruce Springsteen (I'm Your Man)
2) Give It Up
3) Ugly Friend/Tijuana Crack Whore
4) Swingin' On A Vine
5) Undercover
6) Entropy
7) First Mate
8) Aisha
9) When It Comes To Fuckin'
* - (secret track)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Polar Bear Club "Sometimes Things Just Disappear"

Such a solid album. Big ups to 2 of my friends asking me in the same day if I was into this band and finally making me download it. Can't believe how good this has been to me since that grand day.

Polar Bear Club -
Sometimes Things Just Disappear
(3/11/08) [Red Leader Records]

1) Eat Dinner, Bury The Dog, and Run
2) Hollow Place
3) The Bug Parade
4) Another Night In The Rock
5) Burned Out In A Jar
6) As 'Twere The Mirror
7) Tried
8) Our Ballads
9) Heart Attack At Thirty
10) Convinced I'm Wrong

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ace Enders "Australian EP"

Ace cancelled an Australian tour a while back. To make up for that when he finally got back around to the Australians, he recorded 4 new songs and made 200 copies on CD-R to sell/give away on the tour. I thought this deserved a little more exposure than 200 CD-Rs so, here it is!

Ace Enders -
Australian EP
(2/1/09) [Self released]

1) Ready Ankles
2) Rosary
3) Baby Steps
4) Open Windows

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Centro-matic "Distance and Clime"

Great CD that I couldn't find anywhere online for some reason, so, maybe I'll be helping some people out with this.

Centro-Matic - Distance and Clime
(8/14/01) [Idol Records]

1) The Connections' Not So Civilied
2) Fountains of Fire
3) Scrap the New Rails
4) To Unleash the Horses Now
5) Tundra (Part Seven)
6) Given Geography, The
7) Truth Flies Out
8) Janitorial on Channel Fail
9) On the Sagtikos
10) Actuator's Great
11) Tonight Is Not It
12) Decorated Equals
13) Patiently Standing
14) Upton to Riverhead to Mastic
15) Call Down the Systems and the Ranks

Thursday, March 12, 2009

LIFETIME "Jersey's Best Dancers"

After searching the blogspots and torrents of the intraweb I realized LIFETIME isn't hosted enough. I had been meaning to try one of these out, so this observation was the catalyst in this creation. Anyway, here's my first post and it goes out to LIFETIME!

LIFETIME - Jersey's Best Dancers
(6/10/97) Jade Tree Records

1) Turnpike Gates
2) Young, Loud, And Scotty
3) Francie Nolan
4) 25 Cent Giraffes
5) Hey Catrine
6) Bringin' It Backwards
7) How We Are
8) Theme Song For A New Brunswick Basement Show
9) Cut The Tension
10) The Truth About Lars
11) The Boy's No Good
12) The Verona Kings