Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Centro-matic "Distance and Clime"

Great CD that I couldn't find anywhere online for some reason, so, maybe I'll be helping some people out with this.

Centro-Matic - Distance and Clime
(8/14/01) [Idol Records]

1) The Connections' Not So Civilied
2) Fountains of Fire
3) Scrap the New Rails
4) To Unleash the Horses Now
5) Tundra (Part Seven)
6) Given Geography, The
7) Truth Flies Out
8) Janitorial on Channel Fail
9) On the Sagtikos
10) Actuator's Great
11) Tonight Is Not It
12) Decorated Equals
13) Patiently Standing
14) Upton to Riverhead to Mastic
15) Call Down the Systems and the Ranks

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